12 Nigerian Music Artistes You Wish You Knew About

There are many underground artistes in Nigeria. Although they don't get enough mainstream coverage, we found it important to highlight their work and talent. If you know of someone who deserves to be on this list, post a comment or, even better, let us know! In no particular order, here are Purple Tunes' favourite Nigerian music artistes you wish you knew about.  

1. Minz

Minz is a very dynamic artiste, he released some rap music in the past but gained momentum after dropping his afropop single "Aunty Patricia" (co-produced with Mowizzy). His latest song, "Talk" presents a unique style of music. His style of music, and vocals is said to be similar to Teknos' but I beg to differ after listening to his older songs. He sings primarily in English but adds a abit of Yoruba, and Igbo to his lyrics. Minz expects to drop his debut EP this year . No doubt this will push his career even further!

2. Nonso Amadi

Nonso Amadi came to limelight after dropping his "Alone EP". Since then he released "Radio" produced by Juls, then his popularity grew even further. His calm style of music with afrovibes infused in it makes him special. His vocals and lyrical prowess is impressive. I expect him to continue dominating the afrosoul genre. He seems to be the most promising of all artiste in this list.

3. Odunsi

Odunsi the engine is an afro-fusion artiste and producer. He had a great 2016, and we hope his 2017 is even much better. His song "Situationship" was featured as # 5 on Billboard’s Spotify viral 50. This is quite an impressive feat for such a young artiste. His alternative style of music is a sweet spot for his fans. "Happy Hour" off his "Time of Our Lives EP" has grown as a fan favourite. His vocals are very impressive as heard in the song "Gangster Fear" with Santi. Odunsi is an artiste expected to make a big leap towards stardom in 2017.

4. Jinmi Abduls

Jinmi Abduls has been moving in an upward trajectory ever since he dropped "Tinuke Eko". He shows no signs of stopping. He always delivers great music with producer Remy Baggins. He coins his style of music as a modernized "Yoruba Highlife". This young artiste tends to be open to collaborate with producers and other artistes, and at a young age has a lot of experience performing at shows/events. He is currently signed with Chase Music, and we hope he drops a debut album/EP soon!

5. Famous Bobson

Famous Bobson, althugh new to the music scene, already has a growing fanbase. He is an afropop artiste that loves to collaborate, although he recently released a solo single "No Time". His song, "Vibe With Me" featuring Ozone, was a summer jam. His lyics are tasteful and usually start a cultural trend among young Nigerians. His music character tends to be energetic compared to other artistes in our list, making him one who likes the spotlight. Bobo, as he is also known by, will be releasing some new sounds with Minz, and David Meli. We expect more exciting news on his career!

6. Bella Alubo

Bella Alubo has a unique style of music and personality. Bella Alubo is a rapper with a distinctive flow and message. After listening to her music, I'm sure she would rather I not label her a "female rapper" -  instead a "rapper".  "Alhaji Money" was the song that caught my attention when I first came accross her music some months ago. With her voice almost baring some similarities to Simi, she uses it very differently.  Bella Alubo released her debut EP "BELLA: the EP" and almost a year later dropped another, titled "Bella 2.0: Lucid Dreaming". She recently signed with Tinny Entertainment, and we believe very soon her projects will gain even more popularity in Nigeria.

7. Chuza

Chuza Declan presents a more native style by inducing Igbo into his songs. He adds broken english (or Vernacular) into his lyrics. He first caught my attention with his single "For You", however, my favourite song of his is "Nwa Guy" with his flow baring some similarity to popular Igbo rappers like Zoro or Phyno. He seems to be the next Igbo rapper to make waves in the Nigerian music industry. He is currently signed with Royal Wall Studios.

8. Deshinor

Deshinor is an afropop artiste based in Nigeria, and serves his music primarily to his Nigerian audience. He has been around for a while but after signing with Matt Westside Records, he seems to be on the right path towards commercial music success. His latest track titled "New Wave", produced by KrizBeatz, is a hit. By all means, Deshinor is going maintream!

9. D-Truce

D-Truce is a rapper currently signed with X3M Music. He has collaborated with X3M Music counter-parts like Praiz. His "Eden EP" is a very impressive collection of songs. His songs are well written, and he is lyrically very talented. He features 3rty in "Sunshine", my personal favourite off the EP. D-Truce is likely the most experienced artist on our list, and we can't wait to watch his career blossom.

10. Santi (Ozzy B)

Santi revamped his name from "Ozzy B". He probably has the most unque style of music among the artistes in this list. His sound is distinct, and personality is somewhat unusual. Everything from his work, music, and personality is intriguing. I beg everyone to take a listen to his EP - "Suzie's Funeral". In my opinion, might be one of the best alternative rap or hiphop collection of songs made by a Nigerian. He has collaborated with many of the artistes in this list and shows no signs of slowing down. He is now based in Dubai but still has a growing fanbase in Nigeria. I expect him to have a large worldwide alternative rap and hiphop fanbase.

11. 3rty

3rty, pronouced ‘30’ is an afro-fusion artiste. Besides music he is also a hobbyist poet and photographer. He does more production these days, as he was the executive producer for Kid Marley's EP. 3rty has a lot of potential, and presents a cultural vibe to his songs with touching lyrics. His style reminds me of Asa, earlier in her career. As one of his fans, I am screaming, "we want more songs from 3rty!"

12.  Oma Mahmud

Every week I search to find out if Oma Mahmud has dropped another track. He never disappoints. He packages American hiphop/rap with a Nigerian-vibe to it. His EP, "Somewhere In Lagos", is an infuse of underground artistes and producers, and he succeeded in making it very exquisite. I expect his next EP to break new bounderies for his career, as his ability to collaborate with multiple artistes and spit with different flows makes him a very dynamic artiste.


  1. Dope list, would add Tay iwar on there too

  2. Nonso Amadi will blow like mad, i swear!

  3. Victor Hugo, the author of Les Misérables, said, "Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."musicos para bodas