12 Nigerian Music Artists You Wish You Knew About (Vol. 2)

Last year February, we had the first release of Purple Tunes' compilation of  '12 Nigerian Music Artistes You Wish You Knew About'. It featured Bella Alubo who later signed with prominent Nigerian record label - Tinny Entertainment. Also, Minz who went on to much bigger success, and is today one of the most sought after upcoming artist in Nigerian. As well as, Odunsi, Nonso Amadi, and Bobson! Undoubtedly there is a lot of talent in the Nigerian music industry and for this reason we extended the list for our second release. In no particular order, here are Purple Tunes' favorite Nigerian music artists you wish you knew about (volume 2). If you know of someone who deserves to be on this list, post a comment or, even better, let us know!

1. Samkul

Seen as Chicago's afrotrap pioneer, Samkul was impeccable after dropping his hit Single Juice. The song and visual was an incredible combination of some naija sounds and trap music. Since then Samkul transitioned to a dancehall and afrobeats melodic sound after releasing his debut EP - Jungle Fever. The 6 track EP featured smash singles 4th Floor and Slow Down. He is working hard to get his music heard, and his fan base has grown significantly in the process. We know for sure his efforts will be rewarded very soon as he goes mainstream.

2. Hameed Idowu

Hameed Idowu is well known for his afrobeat hit Wazy. Wazy grew fast and for good reason. It is now, not just a record, but a movement very popular in the East Coast USA. Rumor has it that he has collaborated with top artists, even recording Wazy remix with Mr Eazi. A very hardworking and talented artiste, he has already released 3 EPs in his young career. We expect his name to get much bigger especially in Nigeria.

3. Fasina

Fasina has been on the rise ever since he released his song "Freaky" featuring Minz and he seems to be unstoppable. His growth in the last year is quite impressive, and his potential reach for even more audience transcends the UK, USA, and Africa. His deep, calm, and melodic sound cannot be boxed into a genre definition but it has a significant global appeal. With the addition of a team, his music would grow beyond everyone's imagination.

4. David Meli

David Meli never shows signs of slowing down. There is still a lot to hear and see from the young artist. He revealed his pure talent, by releasing his Indecisive EP. There is truly no doubt he is more than capable of composing the biggest songs in both dancehall and afrobeats genre.  David Meli's talent in writing poems and stories is reaffirmed through the lyrical content in his music. With Asteri Media Group, we expect to see more of him as his song are frequently featured in Dancehall and Afrobeats music outlets.

5. Lady Donli

Creative and unconventional are two things that come to mind after following Lady Donli for quite sometime. Her distinctiveness and artistic nature shows she is truly gifted.  Always presenting imaginative content, she is probably the only pure artist on this list. Complex magazine recognized her, along side Wizkid, in their 2017 article of "10 Dope New Songs You Should be Hearing Everywhere Soon", and they did for good reason. She is a visionary, and we see her exploring more inventive content as she gets more mainstream.

6. PsychoYP

PsychoYP is a prolific Nigerian rapper based in the UK. He is the next generation rap artist who could potentially reawaken Nigeria's passion for hip hop and rap. He is a dynamic artist, who is well open to collaboration. He is relentless and has grown his fan base despite most people renouncing Nigerian hip hop music. During an interview with Purple Tunes, PsychoYP is quoted saying "I personally don't let my comfort zone hold me back from trying new things so this year you'll get different sounds from me."  We know his name will grow much bigger be it in hip hop or afrobeats.

7. Gabzy

Gabzy is an incredible talent and mixes afro-soul music with a deep melodic voice. Gabzy is an artist that cannot be boxed in a particular style of music. His recent project with Melvitto called "Stay" showed how their collaboration can bring forth a spectacle. Currently with One Nation Records, his musical content can go beyond, and rightfully so.

8. Dami Oniru

Dami Oniru's voice is truly amazing. Her writing is emotionally absorbing as evident by her recent singles. She is prolific when she collaborates with other artists, working closely with artists by making duets instead of simply adding or requesting for a verse, which most artists usually do. We expect her next project will take her to a different level, and she will be abundantly rewarded for her talents.

9. Teni Entertainer

Teni's potential rise to stardom is not by circumstance. Her sister is famous Nigerian artist, Niniola. Teni's open personality on social media shows she is not afraid of media attention. After working behind the scenes as a writer for mainstream artists like Davido, we all knew at some point she would be at the spotlight. Thanks to the backing of Dr. Dolor Entertainment, she has began releasing ground breaking music in the industry. Typically singing in her native language, Yoruba, we expect her to grow even much bigger with the collaborations with more prominent artists.

10. Melvitto (Producer)

Melvitto is an incredible producer. Probably the most underrated producer in the industry. He has worked extensively with Ayo Jay producing the majority of his hit tracks from his smash hit "Available" to recent songs like "Want You". Melvitto's recent soulful EP Soon included collaborations with Wande Coal, Nonso Amadi, Gabzy, and more. With SoonMelvitto presented a grandeur vision and cemented his position as a top tier producer in the industry.

11. Zirra

Zirra came to everyone's attention after dropping his debut single "Agbada", featuring top Nigerian artist, Koker. Since then he got signed to Sony Music Middle East without a manager, or a team. His road to signing was sudden but deserving. He is now recognized as a new age afrobeats artist. His Rnb vocals bears a peculiar resemblance to Bryson Tillers',  however, on occasion he induces it with afrobeats in an unconventional and inventive approach. We are unsure what his future holds after signing with Sony Music Middle East, but what we do know is with such backing and his talent, his growth opportunities are truly endless.

12. Wani

Wani is an imaginative artist and producer. We expect Wani's debut project Lagos City Vice to be released very soon, its a 6 track EP which includes "Blem", a freestyle he released almost a year ago, and "Instaman", a single that reaffirmed his pure talent as both an artist and producer. His soft soothing Rnb voice is truly unblemished. His place in the Nigerian music industry is not questionable as he very well deserves to be among the greats, very soon.

Special shout out to S'Bling, King Osa, Zarion Uti, Efe Oraka, Milli, Wurld, Damayo, DJ Femo, Jilex Anderson, Zilla Oaks, Jay Moore, Ckay, & Prettyboy D-O


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