YBS - Kings of Melodies (Volume 1) EP

YBS aka Yoruba Boys Squad, the Afro-Music duo composed of Fola Muziq and Niki Hunter are excited to announce the release of their debut EP, ‘Kings of Melodies: Vol 1’. The 12 track EP showcases their passion for music as they try and infuse the afro-music scene in the UK with new energy. The chemistry between the two is evident on tracks like 'Currency', 'Carry Go' and 'Bad Girl Ikebe'. Both artists possess the ability to rap as well as sing, bringing an air of excitement to each song as they display their versatility. ‘Kings of Melodies: Vol 1’ combines afrobeats, rap, and pop to make a perfect project for summer months. 

This budding duo are ready to leave their mark on the afro-music scene and beyond. With their fierce drive, determination, and aptitude for blurring the lines between genres, ‘Kings of Melodies: Vol 1’ is just the beginning. With featured production from Lagos based rising stars Minz and Mowizzy, this EP is sure to be one that gets played all summer long. ‘Kings of Melodies: Vol 1’ is available now on ALL streaming platforms and the social media handles for YBS are listed below:

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